Refer a borrower and earn up to $30,000. Also, they get a 10% discount.

Use your referral link to invite clients, friends, or co-workers to WelcomeLend. When they sign up via your link (or within 30 days of clicking your link), we split our commission with you 50/50 up to $10,000 paid out per loan for the first 3 loans they submit. We also drop our rate by 10% for their first loan.

Step 1

Spread the word with your referral link.

Share your link anywhere you like. Direct personal emails are typically the most effective.

Step 2

We split commission 50/50 up to $10,000.

Our commission is typically 1.0%, so on a $1,500,000 loan, you’d earn 0.5%, or $7,500.

Step 3

Earn the 50/50 split up to 3 times per referral.

You'll earn the 50/50 split commission on the first 3 loans the borrower submits.

Keeping you in the loop

We’ll keep you up to date on your referrals.

You'll be notified via email when a referral signs up and when they close a loan. Upon closing the loan, we’ll also send you a link to collect some information so we can send you a check within 90 days. It’s that simple. No questions asked.