Our Mission

We’re on a mission to simplify CRE transactions

WelcomeLend is a platform that brings the right people, information, and tools together to close deals.
We started WelcomeLend to solve a problem: Commercial Real Estate (CRE) financing is inefficient and fragmented. Borrowers consistently fail to find the right lending source for their deals. Deals that should be funded die due to avoidable causes. Borrowers and Brokers lack the proper tools to effectively structure, present, and place deals. Lenders are inundated with deals that are unorganized and oftentimes don’t match their program criteria.
As a team of seasoned CRE brokers, we felt these pains firsthand and couldn’t find the right solution. It became clear to us there was an opportunity to improve CRE transactions for everyone. We decided to scratch our own itch and build software to improve the experience for the borrowers we represent and ourselves.
Since then, WelcomeLend has become a highly sophisticated and automated cloud-based platform that powers every facet of our operation. It tracks over 40,000 active CRE deals, growing at over 1,000 deals per day. It automates and manages every deal we touch from initial contact through funding. It uses a proven matching algorithm to compare each deal point against our lender database to find the ideal lending source and structure.
Since launching the WelcomeLend platform, we have consistently doubled our year over year revenue. In the first three quarters of 2020, we closed ~$200MM in deals while operating in just two states. We’ve ruthlessly attacked inefficiencies and built the best platform for closing commercial real estate deals.
Now, it’s time to expand our platform. We are actively hiring sales executives to offer our services across all 50 states. Large CRE developers are outsourcing their financing operations to WelcomeLend so they can focus on other parts of their deals. Our team of capital markets researchers are finding powerful new ways to enrich our understanding of each lender’s program, liquidity levels, and deal history.
We believe WelcomeLend will fundamentally change CRE financing....and we’re just getting started.
David Schwartz & David Gamache

Our Team

We are a U.S. based team with talented tech employees from around the globe.
David Schwartz
David is a capital markets and technology executive with 15 years experience leading startups from inception through acquisition. He leads the sales and capital markets teams at WelcomeLend while consistently closing 9 figures in commercial real estate transactions.
Dave Gamache
Dave is a designer and engineer with over a decade working with startups like Twitter, Netflix, Medium and Dropbox. He runs Product and Design at WelcomeLend, as well as being part owner of Bootstrap, one of the most popular open source projects in the world.
Yevgeny Simzikov
React/Product Engineer
Yevgeny is WelcomeLend’s front end architect for design systems and React. He’s an original member of the team and has scaled an early alpha release to a stable product used daily. He’s also a core team member of the Bootstrap Theme’s team, focusing on code quality and growth.
Vasyl Berezovyy
Full Stack Engineer
Vasyl has spent a decade turning ideas into shipped products. He leads WelcomeLend’s development by balancing the benefits of new technologies with proven paradigms. Vasyl is motivated by solving hard problems in elegant ways.
Kerri Miles
Manager, Capital Markets Analyst
Kerri is capital markets analyst with years of experience working with companies like GE Capital, AZ Mortgage, as well as in-house with various legal firms. Kerri leads WelcomeLend’s efforts in creating a mapping of the CRE capital markets.
Mark Joseph
Marketing Research
Mark leads the marketing research and sales lead gen efforts for WelcomeLend. Prior to working with WelcomeLend, Mark ran a team of 10 research analysts consulting for several Fortune 500 companies marketing teams.
Cameron Huard
Associate VP Capital Markets
Cameron has a deep-rooted passion for real estate and technology. His work at companies like Amazon, CBRE, and Colliers has given him experience spanning across the value chain, giving him a breadth of understanding and a competitive advantage for his clients.
Will Macfee
Associate VP Capital Markets
Will specializes in structured transactions and development projects. His focus is the closing of debt and equity placements for all asset types, as well as overseeing financial analysis, underwriting, and the due diligence process.
Sean Borger
Associate VP Capital Markets
Sean is a capital markets specialist with over 10+ years of experience in development, acquisitions, brokerage and financing. He's managed over $220M in development projects providing for a genuine understanding of his client’s capital needs and priorities.
Josh Dormody
Associate VP Capital Markets
Josh has extensive experience leading complex, commercial construction projects with a focus on maximizing profits and minimizing exposure. Most recently, he's worked with family offices to deploy equity and debt financing for large scale CRE projects.
Michael St. Romain, ESQ
Associate VP of SBA
Michael specializes in obtaining SBA Financing. He previously served as an attorney working with the SBA's lending and underwriting team. He also has experience in financial structuring as well as contract and obligations law.
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